Painful Erection

Painful erection is a very distressing symptom for a man. It can be associated with certain penis diseases. Therefore it is advisable to consult a urologist with this kind of trouble.


Peyronie's disease

This disease is accompanied by deposition of fibrous tissue in penis that causes bending and deformation of penis shape. Pain during erection emerges and in more severe cases sexual intercourse is almost impossible.


Priapism can be defined as prolonged unpleasantly perceived erection unrelated to sexual arousal. Long-lasting erection reduces blood flow into penis and may endanger it by ischemia (lack of oxygen).


Very significantly narrowed foreskin may irritate enlarged penis glans during erection and that hurts. Similar mechanism of developments has also a condition called paraphimosis. It is a complication of phimosis when narrowed foreskin is completely drawn over penis glans and strangles it. Paraphimosis should be handled as an emergent situation because penis can be threatened by ischemia.

Penis injury

Penis injury occurs most often during sexual intercourse. Most common form of injury is tearing of the soft tissue, bruising and bleeding. When erection persists for a while, it is quite logically painful.

Penis cancer

It is a rare cause of painful erection. Penis cancer looks like ulcer, and usually it is painless. By certain growth of tumor mass, painful erection may however occur.

Psychological causes

All erection disorders including pain can be caused by mental disorders. Before stating this diagnosis, above mentioned conditions must be ruled out. Psychical sexual disorders are treated by sexologists.

Jiri Stefanek, MD  Author of texts: Jiri Stefanek, MD
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