Navel Pain

The area around navel may be painful by many disorders of abdominal organs. Following causes are most frequent, but is not a complete list of all possible causes. If you are more interested in abdominal pain, read this more complex relevant article.


Acute appendicitis

The pain starts around the navel as a dull and vague feeling. It may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Later the pain starts to be sharp and moves into the classic position of right lower abdomen. Very high fever and diarrhea are usually not typical symptoms.

Intestinal blockage (ileus)

Most cases of intestinal obstruction are associated with persistent abdominal pain. Pain may be indefinitely located around the navel and felt during palpation of the entire abdomen. These conditions are usually very serious and can be associated with many diseases of abdominal organs (mechanical, vascular and neurogenic ileus). Such patient should be hospitalized in a surgical ward and monitored. The reason of ileus emergence must be determined and if possible treated conservatively or surgically. Information about intestinal obstruction types and their causes is written in relevant texts.

Navel hernia

Abdominal hernia located in the vicinity of navel can be painful especially when its complication – incarceration – occurs. It has a shape of subcutaneous bulge that is painful by palpation.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture

A rupture of aortic aneurysm is followed by sudden pain that relatively quickly turns into a shock condition. Diagnosis can be made by ultrasound or computed tomography of the abdomen and the solution is emergent surgical intervention.



Note: Because the area of navel is located in the middle of the abdomen, the pain in this location can be easily caused by virtually any abdominal organ. If you are interested in other possible causes of abdominal pain, read this more comprehensive text devoted to abdominal pain issue.

Jiri Stefanek, MD  Author of texts: Jiri Stefanek, MD
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