Hymenoplasty (hymenorrhaphy) is a professional designation for hymen reconstruction, i.e. operation aimed to restore the woman's hymen. The hymen has small holes to allow drainage of menstrual blood and its rupture (defloration) most frequently occurs during the first sexual intercourse.


The operation is performed under general anesthesia and it takes about half an hour. The surgery uses any remnants of the original hymen and vaginal mucosa for reconstruction of the membrane. The operation is easier in women who have not given birth. After the surgery, the planned deflorating intercourse should be performed after few weeks to allow the newly renovated hymen to heal.


The hymenoplasty is performed only on a woman's decision. It is usually a kind of a gift to a new sexual partner; much sadder reason is the hymenoplasty as a solution of rape defloration.


The operation is usually not covered by health insurance and the woman has to pay for it. The whole effect is only temporary, i.e. the new hymen gets perforated during the next sexual intercourse. On the other hand, it is precisely this new deflowering, which is the point of all the above efforts.


The procedure is quick, short and it has no significant complications. In ideal case, the aforementioned sexual abstinence after surgery may be rewarded by anatomically similar state as before the first sexual intercourse.


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