First-Degree AV Block - ECG

First-degree AV block is an extension of PQ interval (the beginning of the P wave to beginning of the QRS complex) over 200ms. In a classic ECG record, one little square equals 40ms. Therefore, first-degree AV block is the extension of the interval over 5 small squares.


First-Degree AV Block - ECGPQ interval is prolonged to about 7 little squares, which gives us the diagnosis of first degree AV block. This is best seen in lead II. 

Conclusion: From a clinical point of view, the first-degree AV block is mostly only an incidental finding. It can be related to usage of certain drugs such as beta-blockers, digoxin, some calcium channel blockers, etc. It can also be related to blood levels of minerals, especially calcium.





Jiri Stefanek, MD  Author of texts: Jiri Stefanek, MD
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