ECG Strip 30


ECG Strip 30 - anterior STEMI

This is ECG of a 63 years old male that has been brought by his son for internal examination. He has a positive cardiac history; he suffered from a STEMI infarction. Now he has an acute chest pain that occurred about 1 hour ago and there has been a positive effect of a sublingual nitrate. At the moment he has no problems and the pain has faded. The ECG says “normal sinus rhythm”. However, we see high pointed T waves in V2-V5 that are preceded by slightly elevated ST intervals. This may be an acute STEMI infarction of the anterior wall. However, there are no classic Pardee's waves and no “mirror” ST depression that would be expectable in II, III and aVF. From this reason, the sate is consulted with a senor physician and it is decided to send the patient to local cardiovascular center to perform an acute coronary angiography. Coronary angiography confirms a serious case – subtotal stenosis of the RIA, the following endovascular therapy is successful.


Jiri Stefanek, MD  Author of texts: Jiri Stefanek, MD
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