ECG Strip 11


ECG Strip 11 - myocardial scar

This ECG sent me a patient that desired a short consultation and allowed me to publish it together with some his basic personal facts. He is a 41 years old ex-smoker who suffered from STEMI infarction of the anterior wall complicated by ventricular fibrillation few months ago. The STEMI has been solved by acute coronary angiography with a stent implantation.

The ECG shows deep post-infarction pathologic Q in leads V1 and V2 corresponding with a myocardial scar. In addition, there are non-specific changes such as negative T waves in V1-V4 (in this current case they are related to the infarction). Echocardiography confirmed only dyskinetic heart apex but otherwise quite normal function of the left ventricle.


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