ECG Strip 09


ECG Strip 09 - anterior STEMI

A patient with chronic alcohol abuse has been admitted with a consciousness disorder. He was found lying in a garden, his face as injured after falling down. He suffered by hypoglycemia 1.6 mmol/l treated by paramedics. The ECG has a clearly visible pathologic Q in V1-V3 followed by Pardee's waves (ST segments elevations) in V1-V4 and contralateral “mirror” depression of ST intervals in II, III, aVF. These changes are typical for a subacute STEMI infarction of the anterior wall. According to unstable general condition, the plan was to hospitalize the patient in an emergency care unit and to transport to urgent coronary angiography after stabilization.

(The patient died few hours later because of a sudden cardiac arrest followed by an unsuccessful cardiopulmonary resuscitation)


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