Natural therapy

People today are more interested in a healthy lifestyle, which includes treatments using natural substances. These methods can supplement treatment with synthetic drugs and in some cases replace it. Treatment by natural substances has a great tradition and it is used over centuries. Knowledge was handed down from generation to generation. Natural ingredients are mainly herbs, of which we use roots, leaves, flowers and fetuses. The advantage always was that people could collect herbs themselves and produce the drug themselves. In this fast time we meet rather with the finished products in the form of oils, teas, tablets, capsules, tinctures or extracts. You can buy these products in healthy style shops, herbal shops or pharmacies and we can talk about food supplements. The individual substances are combined in food supplements to achieve higher efficiency. Synthetic drugs used by official medicine are often also only extracts of herbs or stronger chemical substitutes.


St. John's wort by Bob Peterson, distributed
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Food supplements are regulated in most cases by governments. This ensures that dietary supplements are not dangerous to our health. The maximum recommended daily dose is regulated and must not be exceeded. The European Union regulations are stricter than in the USA. So then food supplement becomes only ineffective expensive sour candy or syrup. Food supplement it certainly does not hurt you, but if you abide the recommended daily dose it does not make sense to take it. For meaningful effects it is often necessary to exceed the recommended daily dose several times. It is good about every dietary supplement in advance to determine its composition and consult herbalists around or professionals who have experience with the supplement, the quantity what is helpful. Quantity of substances is usually greater in the tinctures, oils than in tablets.


You should consult your state with doctor before beginning a natural treatment and let you do the necessary tests for you not try to deploy unsuitable treatment. Natural substances usually do not reach the effect of synthetic drug. So we can not recommend to treat naturally serious or life-threatening acute states. Equally we can not recommend to end treatment with synthetic drugs set by a doctor and to replace it by the day with arbitrarily natural substances. You can solve by using natural substances mainly tuning your immunity, prevention and overall feeling of health. Reverse reaction may occur at the beginning of treatment, it means that state becomes even worse. Defense mechanisms of body begin to activate and toxic sediment leave the body. This may occur, for example, rash or temporary worsening of problems associated with the disease.


Natural treatment can be used for treating diseases such as anxiety, depression, nervousness, insomnia, high blood pressure, migraine, hormonal imbalances, allergies, skin eczema, etc. But also can be used as support for the overall improvement of immunity.


A good example of application herbal therapy is anxiety and depression treatment using St. John's wort. It has according to a studies at a sufficient dosage the same potency as synthetic SSRI antidepressants. St. John's wort starts to work within 2-5 weeks and it works for light and moderate depressions. St. John's wort should not be used in conjunction with other antidepressants, hormonal contraceptives or blood thinners. This also shows that it has really power. The advantage is that St. John's Wort not causes such side effects as synthetic antidepressants during the first days of use. But if you have heavy depression you should start taking synthetic drugs and definitely visit a psychiatrist!