Holistic treatment Basics

Holistic medicine comprehensively examines the patient's body, mind and trying to find the optimal balance. Every disease or ailment that bothers us started for some cause. This cause is usually not just one, but there are more and we let grow them in our bodies often for long time. So we cause that problems gradually. The causes of health problems can be physical or psychological. Physical causes can be as inadequate food, not suitable physical exertion or smoking, etc. Psychological causes can be such as stress at work or an inability to relax. Furthermore, the causes can be divided into controllable by us and uncontrollable by us. For example you can control if you smoke. But whether is in your city dirty air you can not control so much, only when you are ready to move to place with cleaner air.


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Holistic medicine also deals with the relationships between different causes and subsequent problems. For example if you are in psychological wellbeing is a good chance that you'll be alright physically and vice versa. Or if you have a disordered digestion it is a high probability that you start any disease or you already have. Holistic medicine also examines the psychosomatic, when the physical problems are related to our life situation, our mental state. Then we say that the problems are psychosomatic. Often when resolving bad psychological state, perhaps after leaving an unsuitable job, subsides physical manifestations too. It is therefore necessary to always look for the cause. Holistic medicine deals also with the prevention of course, so we will not get into trouble.


There are things that you can not influence already. If you have a birth defect or genetic predisposition to some diseases, already you can not change it. But you can try to live so good that the disease will not start or will have mild symptoms. In this section of the website we'll see mainly what we ourselves can influence our approach to life, a healthy lifestyle, changing habits, adjusting the diet or natural resources. We will write about the natural methods of treatment.


Recommendations on this site must be taken as an additional measure to your existing traditional medical treatment or as a preventive measure. Natural methods can not be recommended for serious life-threatening acute conditions. For example, do not try to treat acute appendicitis just by natural processes! Natural processes are suitable for chronic diseases. On the contrary, you can improve chronic health problems through a holistic approach or eliminate symptoms and gradually abandon traditional therapy and medication. The length of treatment depends on your condition, but also on how much you follow therapeutic measures. Natural treatment usually does not work immediately as a conventional medicine treatment. Natural substances are not as strong, but not having so severe side effects. Reverse reaction often appears at the beginning of natural treatment - a condition gets worse. If you continue, the benefit can sometimes be a full recovery. But it takes patience and sometimes radical change in lifestyle. Not everyone is able to withstand.


It is also necessary to say that for each individual will be different good treatment. Sometimes you need to try more treatments or measures and combine them. For example, we can not people all over the world recommend the same diet. Every body reacts differently and maybe because you have an allergy to a substance. The procedures are modified according to the individual patient and often not recommended for children or pregnant women. In the natural therapy the body can activate the immune system and flushes the years accumulated toxins, which can then be flushed out into the fetus and it is undesirable state. Before you begin to practice any recommendations, you should think about it twice and consult it with specialists in your area. Think of this site as a summary overview of information and how it is possible to improve the health and fitness of the organism.